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Survey Meter


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Monitor 4
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Quality Service

Radiation Monitor Services addresses the need for prompt, quality repairs and service to all types of hand held radiation detectors. This includes scintillometers, contamination meters, ion chambers and portable gamma ray spectrometers. We are fully qualified to service and calibrate your hand held survey meter or Isotope Identifier to keep it in top operating condition. Whether the end use is for exploration, personal protection, security or surface contamination our skilled technicians will bring and keep your equipment in top operating condition.
We can service and repair most makes of radiation detectors. However our extensive knowledge in the design of Exploranium radiation detectors puts us in a unique position to provide these services at an expert level. We can provide full technical support for all equipment manufactured by Exploranium / SAIC.

Precision Calibration

CNSC and NRC both specify that dose rate measuring radiation detectors must be calibrated annually.
Radiation Monitor Services has the procedures to calibrate many makes and models; Ludlum, Eberline, Bicron, Victoreen and RadEye just to name a few. (The “Table” below lists most instruments we have worked on.) All instruments are calibrated to CNSC and NRC regulations using factory procedures. We specialize in the calibration of instruments manufactured by Exploranium. Radiation Monitor Services is the only company aside for the manufacturer to have the necessary procedures and computer programs necessary to properly calibrate GR-130 and GR-135 series of spectrometers.
RMS also calibrates and repairs fixed portal monitors.
Instruments we have serviced / calibrated:
  • Thermo Scientific
  • SAIC / Exploranium
  • Eberline
  • Ludlum
  • Victoreen
  • Berthold
  • Biodex
  • Canadian Admiral
  • Canberra
  • S.E. International
  • Technical Associates
  • Troxalert
  • Radiation Solutions
  • Radcomm
  • Bicron
  • RadEye

Expert Advice

In addition to the repairs and calibration, we can also provide expert advice in the preparation of an in-house Radiation Safety Program, Regulations Compliance and the shipment of Radioactive materials.

Repair and Calibration of Hand Held Survey Meters and Gamma Ray Spectrometers used in:
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Steel Plants
  • Scrap Steel Yards
  • Landfills
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Various Security Agencies
  • Nuclear Power Stations
  • Government Agencies
GR-130 Spectrometer 


KT-9 Kappameter


GR-320 Gamma Ray Spectrometer
Portable Gamma Ray Spectrometer


Model-9 Ion Chamber
Ion Chamber




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