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RMS offers repair and calibration service to all makes and models of Radiation Detectors. We have extensive experience with everything from hand-held survey meters, contamination meters, PRDs, ion chambers, area monitors to Portal monitors used in steel plants, scrap recycling yards and landfill sites.
We offer and specialize in the factory spec repairs of hand-held Scintillometers, Isotope identifiers, and portable Gamma Ray Spectrometers manufactured by Exploranium and more recently SAIC. We offer full technical support for GR-110,
GR-320, GR-130, GR-135 and KT-9. We can supply Operators/Users Manuals, Computer Interface Software and solid technical advice on the use of these instruments and interpretation of Data collected by them. We carry a full line of replacement hardware, detector cables, communication cables, electronic parts and PCB’s to support the above.
Aside for the original manufacturer, Radiation Monitor Services is the only company in the world fully equipped to Calibrate and repair Exploranium hand held radiation detectors and spectrometers. We have the necessary drawings, procedures and programs to ensure your instrument is repaired to factory specification.
A factory specified suite of radioactive isotopes is used to check the response and identification performance of the instruments.
Industry Standard Calibration Pads are used to calibrate the Gamma Ray Spectrometers used in Mineral Exploration. Special software exclusively available only to Radiation Monitor Services is used to generate the correct calibration factors for Exploranium Geo spectrometers.
Calibrations to Dose Rate measuring instruments are done at our calibration facility to manufacturer’s specifications. All calibrations comply with CNSC regulations and are performed using NIST traceable sources.
Radiation Monitor Services also offers support in the preparation of an inhouse Radiation Safety Program compliant with CNSC regulations on a contract basis. This service is also available for the shipment of Radioactive Materials. We offer support for both the physical preparation of the shipment and the necessary documentation required for transport.
GR-130 Spectrometer 


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