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Located conveniently in Bradford, Ontario just north of metropolitan Toronto, Radiation Monitor Services was established in April of 2008. The company fulfilled a part of the void created by the sale and then move of Exploranium to California. That void included but was not limited to the timely repair, calibration and technical advice for Exploranium's portable spectrometers also known as Isotope Identifiers or RIIDs . The line of geophysical instrumentation such as the GR-320, GR-130G, GR-135G spectrometers, GR-110 Scintillometer and the KT-9 Kappameter were also left without technical support.

Radiation Monitor Services fulfills that void to an expert level. Our extensive knowledge of these instruments was acquired through years of working in the development, testing and deployment for the original manufacturer. This also enables us to provide an unmatched level of training in the optimal use of and deployment of Exploranium radiation detectors. Whether the application is in the scrap yard, steel plant, geological or security field we can train you or your personnel to set up and use this equipment for optimal performance.

Since our company's inception we have acquired knowledge and expertise in the repair and calibration of most makes of radiation detectors. We can repair and calibrate to factory specification compliant with CNSC and NRC regulations and requirements. No shortcuts.

Our staff are well versed in the preparation of documents for shipment of radioactive materials. We can prepare the documents and the shipment compliant with all regulatory agencies such as the CNSC, MOT, IATA, NRC, and DOT.

Radiation Monitor Services offers quality factory spec repairs and calibrations for survey meters, spectrometers, isotope identifiers (RIIDs), fixed portal monitors and radiation detectors of all types. In a short time Radiation Monitor Services has become a global supplier of repair and calibration services. Our customers are wide ranging. Our organization is used to the simplicity of the very small geophysical company to the very large government organization. All are provided with professional cost effective solutions to keeping their equipment in top operating condition.

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