Radiation Detector Calibrations

Detectors & Survey Meters We Calibrate

Precise Calibrations

CNSC and NRC both specify that dose rate measuring radiation detectors must be calibrated annually.

CNSC Calibration Requirements
NRC Calibration Requirements

RMS has the procedures to calibrate many makes and models; Ludlum, Eberline, Bicron, Victoreen and RadEye just to name a few. (The “Table” below lists most instruments we have worked on.) All instruments are calibrated to CNSC and NRC regulations using factory procedures. We specialize in the calibration of instruments manufactured by Exploranium / SAIC. Radiation Monitor Services is the only company aside for the manufacturer to have the necessary procedures and computer programs necessary to properly calibrate GR-130 and GR-135 series of spectrometers.

RMS also calibrates fixed portal monitors.

Manufacturer Instruments we have calibrated:

  • SAIC / Exploranium
  • Thermo Scientific
  • Eberline
  • Ludlum
  • Victoreen
  • Berthold
  • Biodex
  • Canadian Admiral
  • S.E. International
  • Technical Associates
  • Troxalert
  • Radiation Solutions
  • Bicron
  • RadEye
  • Canberra

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